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Erin, the lovable momma cat, and her babies were brought into the shelter. She has a calm and loving personality, always seeking attention. If your interested in visiting Erin please visit her at the Topeka PetSmart.


Kelce and Mahomes would make a delightful pair of kittens who would bring joy and laughter to any household. With their playful nature and friendly demeanor, they would make fantastic family pets that get along well with both other cats and children. Their charm and affectionate personalities would surely make them cherished members of the family. If you are interested in these two please visit them at the Topeka PetSmart.


Kiki, a cheerful girl with an affectionate nature, thrives in the company of other cats and delights in receiving pets from anyone. If your interested in meeting her please stop by the Topeka PetSmart.


Leo is a delightful and well-rounded cat who would bring joy to any family. With his social nature, loving personality, and ability to get along with other cats and children, he seems like the perfect addition to a loving home. Plus, his enjoyment of cat naps adds to his charm and appeal as a companion. If you would like to meet him please visit Leo at the Topeka PetSmart.


Mahomes is an adorable cat with a fun and loving personality. It's wonderful that he is bonded with his sibling Kelce, making their relationship even more special. If you are interested in these adorable boys please feel free to fill out an application during PetSmarts open hours.


Reba is a loving and sociable cat who gets along well with other felines. With her beautiful big eyes, she radiates nothing but affection and adores anyone who shows her love. If your interested in her please visit her at the Topeka PetSmart.


Meet Socks, an adorable little boy with a curious nature. He's not only stylish with his cute white socks, but he also craves attention. Socks would be the perfect companion for any family and is eagerly waiting for his forever family to bring him home. You can visit this handsome boy at the Topeka PetSmart.

Address: 2020 SW Westport Dr, Topeka, KS 66604

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