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Invest in Love: Become a Sponsor

Be part of their future

You can sponsor an adoptable pet or portion of the shelter. We are a place that is a home between homes for hundreds of animals on any given day. Pets here stay as long as the need is there, receiving plenty of love and companionship until they find loving families of their own. 

Animal sponsorship helps animals find loving homes, provides low-cost spay/neuter programs, maintaining and improving parts of the shelter, covers adoption fees for animal residents to help them go home sooner, and more!

Sponsor Levels

Our sponsorship levels allow for the continued care of our animals and the spaces they live.

  • One Dog or Cat - $50

    • Covers the needs of one dog or cat

  • One Cat Kennel - $75

    • Covers the needs to maintain one cat kennel

  • One Dog Kennel - $150

    • Covers the needs to maintain one dog kennel

  • Cat or Puppy Room - $500

    • Covers the needs to maintain our puppy room which can hold a litter of puppies, a couple small dogs, or one extra large dog

  • Kitty City Room - $1000

    • Covers the needs to maintain one of our kitty cities that holds multiple cats which allows for socialization

Corporate Sponsorship

For denominations larger than $1000, please see our corporate sponsor page!

Start Your Sponsorship Now!

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