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Every Penny Counts

A recurring donation is a monthly gift to the shelter. Each tier of support helps us fulfill the needs of the animals in various ways. No contribution to our shelter is too small or goes unappreciated! Here's what these donation tiers mean for the shelter:

  • Chihuahua - $10/month

    • Allows us to buy a toy for a dog or cat, paper towels, treats, peanut butter, pill pockets, and more.

  • Dachshund - $25/month

    • Allows us to buy multipacks of dog or cat toys, ​cleaning supplies, large bags of treats, leashes, food and water bowls, printer paper, and more.

  • Pitbull - $50/month

    • Allows us to buy specialty food or treats, cleaning supplies and small equipment, replacement milk for orphaned puppies and kittens, leashes for staff use, and more.

  • Labrador​ - $75/month

    • Allows us to buy small pet furniture, cleaning equipment, specialty food or treats, pet carriers, office supply needs, and more.

  • Great Dane - $100/month

    • Allows us to cover minor medical expenses for an animal, crates, buy ​special equipment, large pet furniture, minor shelter repairs, and more.

  • Newfoundland - $250/month

    • Allows us to make major shelter repairs, buy specialty equipment, cover major medical costs, ​upgrade areas of the shelter, and more


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