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You could make a wish
~ OR ~
You could make it happen

We are ALWAYS in need of supplies! Whether you purchase them or have them available already to donate - even lightly used items - we are happy to accept them! Our animals are even more excited!

We will often have times where we will request specific items but generally we are always accepting the following:

Enrichment: Cat/dog toys, treats, peanut butter, metal buckets, tennis balls, Kongs, carabiners, muffin tins, rope toys, canned cat/dog food, dry dog food.

Everyday: Laundry detergent, bleach, Dawn dish soap, paper towels, printer paper, 13 & 39 gallon trash bags, toilet paper, hand soap, cardboard flats, heavy duty water hoses, hose sprayers, pet carriers, wire crates, blankets (unstuffed), towels, heavy duty zip ties, tarps, dog collars, dog leashes and harnesses, cat/dog beds, grooming tools. medical gloves (nitrile or vinyl).

Big Items: Cat trees, scratching posts, full-size wire kennels

Specialty Items: Stretch & Scratches for our kitties!

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