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JCHS Adoption Information


Dog / Puppy Fee

Puppies 6 months and under 

Fee: $250

Dogs 7 months thru 5 years

Fee: $200

Senior dogs, 6 years and older, less than 30#

Fee: $150

Senior dogs, 6 years
and older, more than 30#

Fee: $100

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that “no-kill” does not mean no euthanasia. Some organizations define “no-kill” as a 90% live-release rate while others use less stringent standards.  Generally, a no-kill shelter typically does not euthanize animals who can be adopted, reserving euthanasia for animals who are terminally ill or suffering from a life threatening medical condition.

We strive for - and exceed - the 90% or more rating. We do our utmost to care for animals who come to us - even those who may be deemed "unsaveable". We have put huge amounts of time and money into saving animals who, in other situations, may not have had their second chance. We will always put the health, safety, and hope for an animal as our first priority.

Kittens 6 months and under

Fee: $125

Cats 7 months to 7 years

Fee: $75

Senior Cats 8 years and older

Fee: $50

Barn Cats

Fee: $25

Cat / Kitten Fee

Every Adoption Includes

How does the adoption process work?

Click the Paw

We review every application as it comes in. We verify information provided to ensure the best potential placement of our animals, as well as assessing your first meeting for a good fit. If your adoption is approved, the animal will be scheduled for a spay/neuter (if already fixed, we will skip this step). After surgery and recovery, you will be able to pick up your new best friend who will receive their microchip and you will receive all necessary paperwork. Then you can start your new life together!


Please allow extra time for the adoption/foster-to-hold process. This is a ‘Companion for Life’ and should not be taken lightly. Every precaution is being taken to help you make the right choice for your new family member.

When meeting your potential pet, We recommend visiting an animal first to make sure that it is a good candidate for your home, and so that you have free hands. If you decide you would like to proceed, please be sure to bring any family and any current dog(s) to socialize, so we can ensure everyone gets along. Please make sure your pet at home is current on all vaccinations and notify the staff of when you plan to bring everyone. We do not advise for cat meet-ups at our shelter. Instead, our staff members will discuss the best way to introduce your new cat to your current cat(s) in the home.

Be aware that adoptions can be denied for various reasons. JCHS is trying to make sure both the new pet and the new owners are compatible.

If for some reason a pet must be returned, please contact your Adoption Counselor within 30 days of adoption to discuss adoption return.

All of our adopters are expected to have a proper leash and collar for their dogs or a carrier for cats in order to take them home.
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