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Smokey Bear / Boy

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Age: 7-8 Years



Tabby Brown & Black


Smokey Bear (AKA: Boy) is a sweet and reserved cat who has physical disabilities that require special attention, love, and care. His previous owner made the difficult decision to surrender him in the hopes of finding him a home where he can receive the love and support he needs. Smokey Bear would benefit from a compassionate family who can provide for his unique needs. Smokey Bear's disabilities are Cerebellar Hypoplasia and Partially Blind in his right eye. He really needs to be in a single pet household. To learn more about Cerebellar Hypoplasia please visit the site included below this information. Despite his disabilities he has a long loving kitty life to live. If you are interested in meeting Smokey Bear please feel free to email us or come visit him at the shelter during business hours.


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