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Useful Kitten Tips

Useful Kitten Tips

Kittens are adorable balls of mischief and fun. And if you've recently adopted one—you're in for many years of feline shenanigans and companionship. To start your relationship on the right paw, you're going to want to gather all the supplies your kitten needs for a warm welcome home.

Shopping for your new kitten can feel overwhelming. But with this handy new kitten checklist, preparing your home for your bundle of joy will be a breeze.

How to Kitten-Proof Your Home
Before welcoming your kitten into your home, make sure the following tasks are complete:

Secure the cords of blinds (and any other loose strings around the house)
Remove breakable items from shelves
Put away chewable cords
Pick up any small items your kitten might try to eat
Make sure your houseplants are cat-friendly. Cats of all ages are known for "gnawing on plants, some of which are toxic," Liu adds. Place any toxic houseplants far from your kitten's reach or give them to a friend.

What Items Do I Need for My New Kitten?

Things You'll Need!

1. Cat Carrier

2. Kitten Food ( Wet & Dry )

3. Food and Water Bowls

4. Treats

5. Nail Trimmer

6. Brush or Comb

7. Toothbrush and Kitty Toothpaste

8. Toys

9. Scratching Post

10. Cat Bed

11. Cat Tree

12. Litter and Litter Boxes ( 2 boxes recommend per cat )

13. ID Tag and Collar

If your kitten sneaks out an open door or window, an ID and collar will be the first clue that she has a home and who to call. No matter your kitten's personal style, the collar should be a breakaway collar that unclips if snagged. Microchips are the most "effective way of being reunited with your kitten if they accidentally escape."

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